Mesh sheet

Product Name: Canvas Construction (Mesh sheet).

netted for Covering Construction sites, Scaffolding to The Construction site is tidy and Looks great to Witness. The Mesh is Made from polyester fibers. If A does Not Fire Spread. The Mesh Can Cover The sides and around The Construction site,. Construction is Not Making dust from scattered out on The Side of The Construction Area.
Dimensions: 1.8 x 5.1 meters, color: Gray. 1. ​​Mesh Sheet is no Fire. Two. Prevent Construction debris from Falling Outside The Building. 3. Lightweight 4. Mesh Sheet is Made of HIGH Quality Materials and Technology. 5. Highly breathable, wind resistant Mesh Sheet Making it less. If The Cover is used for Making Wooden Scaffolding Scaffolding collapsed. 6. Mesh Sheet, The sun Can Shine through. To Make the building well lit area to work

Size: 1.8 x 5.1 meters             Color: Grey

Features canvas construction

1. Mesh Sheet is Not Fire.
2. Protection of Construction materials to Drop-off Area Outside The Building.
3. Lightweight
4. Mesh Sheet produced by advanced Technology and High Quality materials.
5. Mesh Sheet perforated Wind So that less resistance. in Case You Use a Scaffold for Cover, Making Wooden Scaffolding collapsed.
6. Mesh Sheet, The Sun Can Shine Through. As a Result, The Construction Area is light Enough to Work. 

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